As president of your Student union, my role is to champion the heart and soul of issues that matter to you as the student body at the very top table. 

I will lead and work alongside the other four executive officers in ensuring that the accountability and visibility is present in our various projects across the university of Bedfordshire. 

The importance of democracy, diversity, equality and representation will always be at the forefront of the Union and we will continue to champion these key aspects to build a bigger and better union that continues to be more accessible to every student that walks through our doors. 

Please don't hesitate to stop and chat, hi 5 or even hug wherever you see me. 

They call me the woman of the people.....but I'll let you decide that one for yourself 😊

Email | Phone: 01582 743269 

My Factfile:

BSc (HONS) Sports Therapy

Vice President Education (14/15), Student council Chair, Women's rugby captain and Freshers Angel (2 years)

Becoming re-elected as president of the SU after a very challenging academic year.

Turning up really egar and dressed up for an important meeting that had taken place the day before

Pizza (Calzone)

Photography and cinematography, Sports administration, Working with children and Watching movies.


Established or establishing an NGO, working overseas?, maybe finishing a PhD? Who knows? Better watch this space to find out ayy??

My Priorities:

I will lead on creating stronger links with the international office, therefore helping international student integrate with Home and EU students. 

Researching and developing the direction of the union and how we can better engage with ALL our students on ALL of our campuses.

Explore and cultivate a better experience for students in both halls of residence and private accommodation, surrounding sense of belonging, student safety.

Bring in new initiatives to bring alumni back to empower and encourage current students with their success stories on an institutional level.  

Lead on the consultation surrounding what the new space for the Student Union will look like.

Create a Loyalty scheme for students who engage with our facilities, activities and   products. That gives back to the student directly.

Continue to highlight areas of good practice and reasons to #CELEBRATEBEDS!