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Hi! My name is Alessandro-I am currently in my final year of Business Studies (International) and I recently returned from my Professional Practice Year (PPY). A “PPY” is a year-long work experience opportunity that students can undertake as part of their degree. Sounds too good to be true, right?12 months in a full-time job, gaining priceless hands-on experience, transferable skills, self-development, while mixing academics with the world of work? Oh, and the best part: It costs you £0. –  Now is the time to act for your future.

I am a real advocate of education alongside experience; hence I am standing to be elected as your next VP Education. Education is a right, not a privilege and students are not statistics. I want to create a University culture that better celebrates and recognises the work of our multicultural and multidisciplinary students, our SU societies presidents and all the student representatives.

Here, together, united. Empowered by the Student Voice.

Sometimes, all that students need is to be heard. I intend to be YOUR LISTENER. It will be all about YOUfrom supporting your academic journey needs to ensuring, with the help of the provided services, that you gain relevant work experience for the future.

If elected, I will:

•    Let international students AND home students know their “Consumer Rights for Students”

How many of you are aware of your student rights? What do you know about Brexit and law changes? 

I want to install a “BREXIT Notice Board” throughout the Uni and establish a higher-level advertising system by developing a digital platform to notify you. 

•    Explore the “DEADLINE REFORM”

I will explore the setting of deadlines within courses to avoid deadline clashes (when multiple assignments have the same deadline date) by working with Sub-Deans of Quality to see where improvements can be made.

•    Increase students gaining relevant work experience whilst at University

Raise awareness of Professional Practice Years and their benefits for your future while providing support from dedicated teams (working 1-1 with dedicated specialists) to ensure self-development.

Invite organisations, freelancers, publications, and previous students to share skills and give advice to students.

Support you with understanding career options and goals, such as recruitment cycles within industries/occupations and help find mentors for your development.

•    Create awareness of the Career Services Support and be a link between Careers. SU and students

Explore non-engagement and reasons for this and how services can be improved from a student perspective.

Give students an opportunity to learn beyond their subjects and broaden their horizons by taking credit bearing “Employability Units” and gaining key skills required by their chosen professions.

Engage students in “Employability Awards”–such as Bedfordshire Future Success Award to build a portfolio whilst at University.

•    Develop a clear and more rational Virtual Learning Environment (BREO)

Introducing lecture recordings, and more accessible range of learning techniques (for disabled students in particular).

•    Provide support with practical services for International Students (Introducing Visa aid,travel and bank introduction workshops).