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Here are my manifesto points:

•Improve and raise awareness about the student support whether it can be mental health or financial issues. 

•Make sure, required students have the access to learning support resources. 

•Bring every single students in one platform and build a strong relationship between HOME, EU and INTERNATIONAL students. So their experience at the university of Bedfordshire can be better. 

•Create a platform where they can talk to me face to face, share their issues, opinions and feedback so I can improve their equality experience while they are studying at the University of Bedfordshire. 

•Create better social events in all the campuses so every students can enjoy their social life along side with their studies. 

•Create social events for LGBT community. 

•Improve the car parking facilities and provide a lower cost on student commute.


•Get students involved with the societies and encourage them to be more active. 

If I get elected as a VP Equality, I will make a change and provide a better equality and diversity environment for every students and be the voice of the students.