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Joshua Chukwu 

Running for BEDs SU Vice president Union Development

An overwhelming number of students across the 11 campuses of Bedfordshire University do not consider themselves part of the student union or feel represented. It is time to make the student union our own student union. We need a VP union development that works and engage every student at all levels. I am that person, together we can bridge the gap and get every student involved, helping both international and home student get quality experience. 

I believe that my experience and personality will help me offer new ideas.  Above all, I believe my most important job will be to listen to you and communicate with you regularly.  

I am asking for your vote.  Here are a few ideas I believe we can achieve together:

Quality Representation

  1. Lead on creating strong links with the international office to support both international and EU student with visa renewal and post study visa application.
  2. Bring new initiative to engage every student at all levels (PhD students, MSc, MBA and Adult students).
  3. Ensure that every student get quality experience, and take advantage of the various Job Opportunities the University presents.


  1. Advocate for hardship loan scheme to support students with financial problem
  2. Advocate for the development of SU housing guide to help tackle the challenges surrounding student accommodation 
  3. Advocate for new events that cater to the broad interest of the student at Bedfordshire University.

Support and Care 

  1. It will be in my priority to make sure that student social events are used to raise awareness to challenge the stigma around student mental health.
  2. Support student- led charity fundraising activities
  3. Work closely with the appropriate union staff team to support student extra-curricular activity across all the campuses.


  1. Enhance opportunities for students to improve their employability skills 
  2. Engage guest Lectures and Skills development workshops from industries tailored towards quality job opportunities and experience 

My Track Records 

• Planned and implemented programs that assisted 2017 information system and business management new students in transitioning to the university.

• Received award for creating and supervising a project for African youth’s skill acquisition 2018. 

• Counselled and advised first year students on academic and personal questions and concerns 2018/2019.

• Developed and conducted training programs on leadership and employability for first year MBA students.