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Hi, My name is Michael Alawaye and I am running for the position of President of the Beds Students Union, because the Students Voice is very important to me, and I want to be that medium to project your voice for change, action and support.

I have previous experience in the student union and during my elected year I was able to achieve a lot for the students by;

  • Successfully lobbying the university to include variety to the catering service in the university,
  • Setting down the initial layout for the society accreditations scheme which was launched on the 6th of February 2020.
  • Launching a fully functioning UoB mobile application, to help all types of student easily navigate their learning resources (My Beds Life).  

I believe this makes me an ideal candidate for this role based on my past record to deliver as Vice President Opportunities, that with your help and ideas, we can make the Student Union a place we can call ours.

If elected I would aim to:

Gold Tier (Communication)

  • Create awareness with the help of the student union and the university on the newly introduced post study work for EU and international students
  • Create an awareness on the NUS and what they provide for our students in the university of Bedfordshire.
  • Supporting EU students during Brexit, providing awareness and assistance  during the transition period.

Silver Tier (Inclusion)

  • Support mature student in the university by having adequate support during their time in university, such as career advice aftere study, or funding during studies.
  • Supporting our community during this time of the corona virus outbreak, defusing discrimination and fear, ensuring the university is a safe environment for them and all other students.

Bronze Tier (Union Fit for Purpose)

  • Introduce a hardship fund scheme to help student with poverty crisis, as it is a scheme incorporated in other Student Unions like UCL Student Union, and I believe we should support our student as much as we could.


  • Work closely with other executive officers to ensure their manifesto objectives are achieved. Ensuring they are all treated with equal priority.

Thank you for reading my manifesto, and don’t forget to Vote Michael Alawaye For President, because “IF I WIN, EVERYONE WINS”.