We hope that you will never find yourself in circumstances where you will need our support to challenge the university, but if you do the Welfare team are on hand to assist you.

Academic Appeals

Appeals are a way of challenging the decision of the university when their decision has been made about your performance in a unit or assignment in the absence of essential information. Appeals are usually sought after when circumstances beyond your control have affected the results and grades you have received.

Not sure whether you have grounds for an appeal? Don't panic! We can help.

If after completing the questionnaire you think you have grounds for an appeal, we suggest that you read the following information thoroughly. This guidance explains the process and details how best to complete your appeal.

Academic Appeals Explained


We urge all students to use informal channels to resolve any complaints that they have with the university, however, Beds SU is on hand to support students where an informal pursuit of a complaint has not been successful.

Academic Conduct

Plagiarism and other academic offences can have very serious consequences, so it's important that you know how to avoid getting yourself into any difficult situations whilst studying. The University's Study Hub has lots of helpful information about this.

If you are accused of academic misconduct you will receive formal notification in a letter or email. You are entitled to see what evidence they have against you. Beds SU is on hand to support you if you feel that you have been unfairly accused.

Fitness to Practice

The University's fitness to practise regulations are in place to make sure that students who are studying on a professionally recognised qualification, for example, teacher training, social work and midwifery, are in a position to meet the standards set out by the professional bodies.

Fitness to practise cases are usually complex, so if you find yourself with an accusation and are in need of support, please contact the Be Supported team.

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