By-Election RESULTS!

Friday 10-11-2017 - 13:38

NUS Delegate & Beds SU Committee By-Election Results


Following the by-lections held 6th - 10th November, congratulations also to the following people elected as Beds SU’s NUS Delegates:


NUS Delegates:

Dalu Canise

Nicola Hemmings

Jasmine Yeates


Societies & Sports comittees:

ACS President: Dalinda Mavungu

ACS Promotions Manager: Ledi Otoko

ACS Secretary: Anthony Byer-Ingram

Applied Social Studies President: Luke Anthony Walsh

Bedford Nursing Society President: Amanpreet Badatch

Bedford Nursing Society Secretary: Clarissa Masih

Bedford Nursing Society Treasurer: Scott Lambert-Mason

Beds Computing Outreach Officer: Lukasz Migacz

Beds Computing Publicist: Enoch Banjo

Beds Computing Secretary: Fortune Nweke-Maraizu

BSki President: Luke Anthony Walsh

BSki Secretary: Abbie Potter

BSki Treasurer: Harry Flynn

Bulls TV Head of Photography: Ana Ramos

Bulls TV Head of Production: Toby Pope

Economics and Finance Society President: Andrei Anton

Economics and Finance Society Vice-President: Syed Madni

Fashion Show LIVE President: Kamila Rzenno

Fashion Show LIVE Treasurer: Monika Raczynska

Fashion Show LIVE Secretary: Marc-Daniel Taher

Forensic Science President: Tayah Woodley

Forensic Science Secretary: Kayleigh Parrott

Forensic Science Treasurer: Kieran Allgar

Greek and Cypriot Society Treasurer: Alexandros Kamperis

International Students Society President: Ahmed Mustafa

International Students Society Secretary: Justine Nwajagu

LAN Secretary: Rehmaan “Rayman” Yaqub

Law Association Editor: Briony Jordan Shutt

Law Association President: Christopher Butterfield

Law Association Vice-President (Bedford): Ryan McGillick

MASS (Muscle and Athletic Sports Society) Commercial Officer: Luke Anthony Walsh

Nepalese Society President:

Nigerian Society Secretary: Fortune Nweke-Maraizu

Para Soc Vice-Chairperson: Iain Collins

Pride in Beds Treasurer: Abbie Potter

Student Publishing Society Editor in Chief: Alicia Taylor-Orr

UoB Dance Vice-Chairperson: Maisie Day


Sports Committees


Archery President: Sabrina Varley

Archery Social Secretary: Emily Coates

Dance Club President: Jordan Rivenberg

Dance Club Social Secretary: Abbie Etheridge

Dance Club Vice-President: Maisie Day

Football Men’s 1st Team Captain: Cameron Brooks

Football Men’s 3rd Team Captain: Banjamin Stark

Football Men’s 3rd Team Vice-Captain: Ash Baldock-Smith

Football Men’s 4th Team Captain: James Wallington

Football Men’s 4th Team Vice-Captain: Marcus Pestell

Football Women’s 1st Team Captain: Winona Lee

Football Women’s 2nd Team Captain: Sharna Halai

Futsal Men’s Vice-Captain: Carl Tappin

Futsal Women’s Captain: Rachael Mumford

Hockey Men’s Captain: Dan Gorsuch

Hockey Social Secretary: Benjamin Jones

Hockey Social Secretary 2: James Edis

Hockey Women’s Captain: Hanicka Hall-Howitt

Hockey Women’s Vice-Captain: Winifred Morrison

Korfball President: -

Korfball Social Secretary: -

Korfball Vice-President: -

Rugby Union Men’s Director: Matthew Spavins

Rugby Union Social Secretary: Freddie Boyce

Tennis Social Secretary: Kieran Gunn (Gunny)

Volleyball Men’s Captain: Kyle Lloyd-Jones

Volleyball Social Secretary: Morgan Ward

Volleyball Women’s Captain: Sarah Clarke


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