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Have your say: Changes to the way you hold Beds SU to account!

Friday 20-09-2019 - 14:51

Beds SU will be holding an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at 1.30pm on Wednesday 16th October in the G101, Luton Campus, to propose key changes to the way that students have their say in Beds SU. And you'll get a personal pizza in return for your time!

You can read the overview of proposed changes or the full document here.

Students studying on other sites who would like to be involved should contact Beds SU who will make alternative arrangements to enable students to take part (these may vary depending on location): to book your attendance (and your pizza!) click here.

The main changes proposed are designed to give students a louder voice in the University and include, most notably:

  1. introduction of a Union Parliament - Union Parliament will bring together your elected representatives from across the Union (Exec Officers, Society Committee, Student Voice Champions...) once a month to:
    1. provide updates to the membership (that's you!) and receive questions on their work i.e. are they meeting their manifesto pledges?
    2. set the direction of the Union's work by making and voting on policies proposed by our members i.e. should the Union join the Climate Strike?
  2. establishment of Liberation Networks - Liberation Networks will advance the representation of student communities that are widely acknowledged to experience (or have historically experienced) oppression, exclusion or disadvantage. These groups will bring together students who self-identify under these categories to propose and seek change within the University, the Union and the wider student world. The proposal suggests we start with Networks for Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Students, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans*, Plus (LGBT+) Students, and Students with Disabilities.
  3. a new route to change the bylaws - currently we have to hold one of these meetings to change anything in the bylaws (our governing documents). The Officers are proposing that some sections may be changed by the Board of Trustees, provided that these changes do not significantly change the way that we run the Union/represent you. This means that you should have fewer of these meetings to attend! 

You can read the overview of proposed changes or the full document here.

SAVE THE DATE and book your free personal pizza: Wednesday 16th October 2019! 

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