Post-18 Review - funding and support feedback

Thursday 12-04-2018 - 13:22

Post-18 Review - How has funding and support affected your university experience?

You may be aware that the Prime Minister has pledged to look at ways to ensure more people have a “genuine choice of high quality technical and academic options”. As such the Post-18 Education Review has been launched and we need your help to ensure the views and feedback of students that have studied at the University of Bedfordshire are heard a part of this review.

Beds SU is working in partnership with the University to make a joint submission to the government outlining how University of Bedfordshire students educational experience has been affected by the policies and funding system they have put in place over the years. 

We are searching for students past and present to tell us about their experience. We are keen to hear from a range of students from across the University schools and modes of study, with good and bad experiences of university, linked to the governments funding and educational policies. Please help us by submitting your feedback here: 

We are particularly keen to hear from students that are able to offer their views on the following: 

  • Did you have any issues understanding the current funding system?
  • Did the current system of funding have a positive or negative impact on your university experience? If so, how?
  • Are you a nursing student that received a bursary? How did this help you? Did you see this bursary removed? What was the impact?
  • What do you think of the interest rates on your student loan?
  • Stories about financial struggles whilst at university and how this affected your learning experience. 
  • Stories from students who may have been affected by the removal of bursaries.
  • The funding experience of part-time, mature and commuting students.

CAN YOU HELP? We really do want to hear from a full range of past and present students to ensure we can create a full picture of the experiences at the University of Bedfordshire. 

Please make your submission here:

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