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BERNICE ISMAILA - NUS Delegate Candidate


I am a second year international student studying sport and exercise science. As an international student in this university, I want to be able to have a voice and make other international students as well as local students believe that they matter and their experiences and voice matter and that is one of the reasons I have decided to nominate myself for this role.  

A leadership role like this wouldn’t be something new to me seeing as I have actively worked in the Student Council throughout my four year high school course implementing and carrying out plans for the betterment of the students. I have worked from being a student council representative, student council secretary and building my way up to student council president in my final year. These roles came with a large responsibility which I delivered excellently. Being involved in  bettering student experiences, and  representing my fellow students by giving them a voice has always been something I’ve had the passion for and been driven to do at any available opportunity. My goal in life has always been to leave a place better than I have found it and I believe being a NUS delegate in the 2020 conference will aid in making this goal come true in the University of Bedfordshire. 

I believe that my personality ,my drive for success and all the skills I have acquired over the last few years would make me succesful in this role if given the chance.