Welcome to the Candidate Hub!

Here you will be able to see who is running, for what position and you'll also be able to view their manifesto. Their manifesto contains what they pledge to achieve if they are elected to that role, so make sure that you choose the candidate that best represents you and what you believe in. For a chance to put your questions to all candidates come along to the Question Time event at 5pm on Thursday 1st March.

Voting opens on Monday 5th March at 9am and closes on Friday 9th March at 3pm. Between those days, voting is open from 6am to 9pm.

You can scroll down this page and look through all positions (which we highly recommend!), or you can click on the name of the position below and jump straight to it.





Vice President Education



Vice President Equality



Vice President Opportunities



Vice President Sport




Campus Liaison Officer: Luton

Campus Liaison Officer: Bedford


**RON or Re-Open Nominations is available to vote for in all Election categories. Voting for RON is the same as voting for 'none of the above' or expressing that you believe that no candidate available to vote for is suitable. Should RON win the vote then nominations for the position will be re-opened and a further vote will take place.