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DOMINIC PARKINSON - NUS Delegate Candidate

My name is Dominic, I've been with Uni of Bedfordshire for two years. I've been volunteerung with a homeless charity in Luton for almost a year now and can condidently say I know and enjoy being part of the community. 

My main aim is to make University more accesible for as many people as possible, as the job market gets more and more competitive. 

I am a care leaver, so I have first hand experience of the barriers and challenges for less priveleged young people, applying for uni and while at University. A study from 2016 found that only 6% of care leavers go to univeristy. I want to see these numbers increase and the support for the small amounts of less priveledged students to be strengthened. 

With my experience of working with the local community and  applying and thriving at university as a careleaver. I believe I can do just that.