Exec Team

There are five full-time officers, each representing different aspects of the student experience. Our President leads the SU’s vision for the year alongside four Vice Presidents; VP Sport, VP Opportunities, VP Education and VP Equality. Click on their individual profiles to find out more about them and their campaigns.





Ensuring all students have a personal academic tutor who they meet at least once a term.

Ensuring at least 50% of course representatives will be adequately trained to fulfil their role.

Developing and launching a joint assignment feedback charter in partnership with the University.

Developing and launching an internal teaching excellence framework in partnership with the University.

Ensuring councils and associations meet at least once per term and all meetings are quorate.

Gathering 100 pieces of direct feedback from unique students on a weekly basis.

Ensuring at least one student from each department engages with the new digital rep system.

Lowering the cost of engagement in extracurricular activities through increasing external funding streams.

Reducing the cost of everyday travel for students in partnership with local transport providers.

Ensuring University accommodation rent is not increased above the minimum contractual agreements.

Ensuring the University publish a transparent and comprehensive outline of specific additional course costs.

Ensuring the University transparently make available what the average tuition fee is used for.

Successfully lobbying the University to change their approach to catering service provision.

Producing a comprehensive housing guide for students to tackle issues around accommodation.

Introduce a specific lounge for commuting students to use at the main campuses.

Ensure Wednesday’s are kept completely free for students to engage in extracurricular activities.

Achieving external accreditation for the newly launched student accreditation scheme.

Ensuring all University buildings have at least one gender neutral toilet in them.

Ensuring all block intakes of students have an equitable welcome induction programme.

Each University department to have at least one member of staff mental health first aid trained.

Ensuring all courses dedicate time to the delivery of skills and techniques to combat stress and anxiety.

Launching a well-advertised student and staff wellbeing programme/package.