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VP Equality

About Hafijur

Full Name: Hafijur Shuvo
Course studying: Human Resource Management with Foundation Year
Favourite food: Mexican
What did I enjoy most: Meeting new people, making friends and learning different cultures. 
What I would like to improve: University student support, listen to the students and what they would like to improve at the University of Bedfordshire. 
What I am looking forward to most about being on the Beds SU Exec officer team: I am looking for a new challenge and get more involved with the university so I can help other students. 
Superpower and why: Superman, because he can fly anywhere and even he can go to the galaxy. So I will be able to fly anywhere in the world and of course would love to go to moon.

Contact Hafijur

Email: hafijurrahman.shuvo@beds.ac.uk