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Elections Committee

Elections Committee Rulings


  • Leaflets have been limited to 200 per day per candidate to reduce the impact we are having on the environment. Please consider picking up posters left around campus before requesting more leaflets.
  • Please remember that all posters and leaflets are on designated UoB or Beds SU notice boards.

Social Media-

  • Ratification of the earlier ruling: please note that the earlier ruling about social media has been rescinded. You may post on Beds SU social media, and we actively encourage people to engage others in voting. 


  • It has been ruled that lanyards (for student ID cards) are exempt from the branding (use of logos) rule whilst on you or your campaign team are on campus. Please ensure that you and your supporters are wearing their ID badges in line with University Policy.


  • As requested in the Luton briefing the Committee ruled that banners should not be applied to walls/stairs/University property etc as there is limited space and as such not all candidates will have space to display banners, giving some an unfair advantage.
  • The Elections committee proposed that sticks be purchased for use by candidates to create “portable banners” as Elections Committee is keen to see banners used for photo opportunities/campaigning in other formats- they are in the office (G110) with tape if you want it! Due to the late notification, this ruling will start from tomorrow.

Collection of Flyers

  • Requests have to come from candidates through elections@beds.ac.ukUpon receipt of the email, you will join the end of the print queue.
  • We will notify you when your flyers are ready for collection
  • Collection points are Luton (G110) or Bedford (Hub Offices)- if you are based on a different campus please get in touch to arrange provisions
  • Please note that Flyers can be picked up by campaign team members as long as their names and student ID number have been emailed to elections@beds.ac.uk.  They will need to bring their student ID card with them when collecting

Supporters Briefing 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure your Campaign team is following the rules. Please see our supports briefing video- https://youtu.be/YJ4Dqdc2a8Y. We strongly advise you to show all your campaigners this.



  • A candidate was given a 1-day Digital campaigning ban for using the SU's logo on their social media post, please ensure you do not use either the Beds SU or University logos when posting as it comes across as an endorsement
  • A candidate was given a 1-day campaigning ban for being in close proximity to someone using their phone during elections. Please remember that all electronic devices are ballot boxes and if people are unclear on how to vote you should send them to a ballot station or member of Beds SU staff for guidance.  
  • 2 candidates were given a 7hr campaigning bans for putting posters on unauthorised University/public property

Elections Committee Minutes 

4th March

6th March

9th March

12th March