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Law Society

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About Us

Our aim is to bring everyone with an interest in the legal profession together. 

The Committee

Chairperson- Millicent Omokpia (millicent.omokpia@study.beds.ac.uk) *
Vice-Chairperson- Morgan Moody (morgan.moody@study.beds.ac.uk) *
Social Media Coordinator- Ana-Maria Mocanu (ana-maria.mocanu@study.beds.ac.uk) *
Newsletter Editor- Jessica Moncy (jessica.moncy@study.beds.ac.uk) *
Events Co-ordinator- Solinda Ponari (solinda.ponari@study.beds.ac.uk) 
Seceretary- Shannon Caldwell (shannon.caldwell@study.beds.ac.uk
* These members are appointed as committee members, their positions can be contested in the next election. 
You can find out our job descriptions in our constitution located in the resources section.

Terms and conditions

Click here to view terms and conditions


Society Terms and Conditions


  1. By purchasing student membership to this society, you are confirming that you are a current University of Bedfordshire student.
  2. The membership for this society will last until the 31stJuly (unless stated otherwise in the society’s constitution).
  3. By purchasing a membership for this society, you are agreeing to abide by the society’s constitution, the Societies’ Code of Practice and ALL other Beds SU policies relating to societies
  4. When attending any society event or meeting you should be able to produce a valid University of Bedfordshire student ID card
  5. Beds SU reserves the right to remove any individual from a society event or meeting at any time if a valid ID card is not produced or any Bed SU policy is being breached including the Beds SU Members’ Code of Conduct
  6. Beds SU reserves the right to suspend or disaffiliated any society that breaches the Societies’ Code of Practice
  7. As a student member, you have the right to participate in all events and meetings run by this society and attend and vote in the society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  8. As a student member, you have the right to stand for any of the society committee positions via online elections and vote in this society’s elections
  9. As a student member, you are covered by our Personal Accident Insurance provided by Endsleigh (please see Summary of Cover here).
  10. Beds SU operates a no refund policy for society membership purchases except in exceptional circumstances.
  11. All members have the ability to hold committee members to account as per their individual society constitution during the duration of the year.

Beds SU Privacy Policy  - When it comes to data protection, we are committed to ensuring your personal data is kept safe and secure at all times.  For important information about how we manage your data, please go to www.bedssu.co.uk/privacy-policy