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LGBTQ+ Society

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Unfortunately, this society hasn’t elected any committee members for 2020/21 however we really want to get it back up and running. Hafijur, one of our exec officers, has stepped in to help support the society in the meanwhile and get like-minded students back together. 

You can still join the society but please be aware that it may not be as active as some of our others- but don’t worry joining is completely free this year. 

If you want more information or to become a society committee member then get in contact with Hafijur (HafijurRahman.Shuvo@beds.ac.uk)

About Us

One day the world will look at two girls holding hands and simply say ‘what a lovely couple’, two men can get married and people will say ‘what a lovely wedding’. Where a person can bind their chest and change their hair to fit the way they feel without questions and being called strange. Where love and being aren’t affixed with additional labels such as ‘gay’ and ‘trans’ and people will be able to get on with their own lives without being so fixated on appearance.
Until that day though, this society will offer refuge and friendship to those who feel set adrift in the world. University is a trying enough experience without the concern of isolation or becoming marginalised based on what is or isn’t under a person’s clothes and who they are seeing or not seeing.  Pride in Beds hopes to be the bridge between that uncomfortable not knowing and a fully active and safe social (and university) life.
In addition, we hope to make the society a safe place for allies and families of those in the community to come, relax and even ask questions or join in with our events and workshops.
Get in touch with us:
We Aim:
  1. To provide an inclusive and safe environment free of prejudice and judgement not just to our members but the community as a whole.
  2. To raise awareness of personal rights and safety and promote the growth of self-confidence and self-worth.
  3. To offer support and advice where needed in a confidential and professional manner, or refer on to specialist groups who can help.
Our Rules:
  1. Respect is our currency, treat everyone with the respect they deserve.
  2. Everyone should have a voice, it’s up to us if we listen.
  3. Rudeness and disrespect will not be tolerated (this is a safe place).
We have the right to be who we are, be proud.

The Committee

Vice-chairperson for Luton Campus- 
Vice-chairperson for Bedford Campus- 
Treasurer -
You can find out our job descriptions in our constitution located in the resources section.

Helpful Resources

Template Notification Letter to University (found in the resources section on the left)

This is a blank template for trans/transitioning students to inform the university that they are trans/transitioning to be sent marked Private and Confidential to the Assistant Director Student Experience and Head of Student Services. Once they get this you will be given a named contact, or you can assign one in your letter to create an action plan and allow you to get mitigating circumstances if anything arises due to you transitioning.


Template Deed Poll (found in the resources section on the left)

This is a blank name deed poll which needs to be filled out and sent off to Queen's Bench Division, full address on the template with a check of £36 and will require you to have two witnesses in order to complete the deed poll and legally change your name.'


Universities trans policy for both students and staff, version 5 29/06/2017


Terms and conditions

Click here to view terms and conditions


Society Terms and Conditions


  1. By purchasing student membership to this society, you are confirming that you are a current University of Bedfordshire student.
  2. The membership for this society will last until the 31stJuly (unless stated otherwise in the society’s constitution).
  3. By purchasing a membership for this society, you are agreeing to abide by the society’s constitution, the Societies’ Code of Practice and ALL other Beds SU policies relating to societies
  4. When attending any society event or meeting you should be able to produce a valid University of Bedfordshire student ID card
  5. Beds SU reserves the right to remove any individual from a society event or meeting at any time if a valid ID card is not produced or any Bed SU policy is being breached including the Beds SU Members’ Code of Conduct
  6. Beds SU reserves the right to suspend or disaffiliated any society that breaches the Societies’ Code of Practice
  7. As a student member, you have the right to participate in all events and meetings run by this society and attend and vote in the society’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  8. As a student member, you have the right to stand for any of the society committee positions via online elections and vote in this society’s elections
  9. As a student member, you are covered by our Personal Accident Insurance provided by Endsleigh (please see Summary of Cover here).
  10. Beds SU operates a no refund policy for society membership purchases except in exceptional circumstances.
  11. All members have the ability to hold committee members to account as per their individual society constitution during the duration of the year.

Beds SU Privacy Policy  - When it comes to data protection, we are committed to ensuring your personal data is kept safe and secure at all times.  For important information about how we manage your data, please go to www.bedssu.co.uk/privacy-policy