VP Equality

"My name is Jasmine and I am really excited for the year ahead, representing the membership of the SU. My manifesto has some great points, but I also know that it’s easy to make promises that don’t get kept. So I am going to put my all into ensuring I keep my promises and create an equal future for all of the membership". #ThisGirlCan


Representational Associations - "Represent the diverse characteristics of the membership. They will lead and seek change within the University, the Union and the wider student experience for those that they represent. They shall be politically autonomous groups, responsible for the formation of policy that directly affects their membership. Additional Representational Associations may be formed so I need to hear from you if you don’t feel represented".

Improve Access to the Local Community and Support Structures​ - "The aim is to create partnerships with the local communities surrounding the main campuses and study centres, that can provide the membership with alternative support structures and extra-curricular opportunities"​.

Equality and Diversity Awareness Campaigns- "I will aim to provide the membership with an online calendar. This will include information of what I will be putting on to celebrate and raise awareness. I hope this will also give students the opportunity to get on board to help out where they have an interest.".

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