VP Sport

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"I want to make sport more accessible for all students at the University of Bedfordshire, no matter what their background. I have played Hockey for the entirety of my university life and held a committee position for 2 years. As well as this I have been involved with Freshers Angels, RaG and helped to set up the University television station BedsTV".


Inclusive Sport - "I want to bridge the gap between competitive sport and trying something new for the first time. I aim to introduce social sports to UoB with the intention of allowing more students to still play sports they love, even if they can't make it into or are not available for the Wednesday BUCS league".

Affordable Sport - "My aim is to make sport more affordable for the students of UoB, so that they are not put off playing sport by huge price tags. I have short and long term plans for this issue, one being to set up a payment system so that students don't have to spend so much money in freshers week"​.

Bulls Objectives - "I will sit down one to one with sports committees at the start of the year and write up each teams personal objectives. This will allow the teams to have a target to achieve and also allow us to see areas that specific teams could need our help and support".

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