Student Elections

Beds SU is proud to be led by the students of the University of Bedfordshire. Using a democratic student election, each year our student members (that’s you!) get to decide which students will be elected to represent their views across all levels of the university and nationally. This is the opportunity for students to elect the students they believe will ensure their voices are heard loud and clear.


All students at the University of Bedfordshire are eligible to stand and vote in our elections for any position that is applicable to them.



Your Elected Executive Officers for academic year 2019/20 are:


Liam Bloomfield 

Vice-President Union Development 

Amanda Dimande

Vice-President Education 

Daisie Johnson

Vice-President Equality

Reece Hawkins

This team will take up post on 1st July 2019 and serve as your elected representatives for one calendar year.


Student Voice Champions: 

Computer Science and Technology Student Voice Champion - CATS 

Michael Alawaye 

Culture and Communications Student Voice Champion - CATS 

Ida Nyame  

International Business, Marketing and Tourism Student Voice Champion - UBBS 

Mohamed Mohamed Ismail 

Law and Finance Student Voice Champion - UBBS 

Laura Tomes 

Psychology Student Voice Champion - CATS 

Jennifer Allen 

Strategy and Management Student Voice Champion - UBBS 

Kamil Moryc 

Education and English Language Student Voice Champion - EST Rozanna Piddington 
Art and Design Student Voice Champion - CATS Farzeen Syed