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Community Leaders Election 2020

Beds Student Union (SU) is proud to have such a strong student community. The dedication of our student leaders is what makes the SU so strong. Our student leaders play a key part in creating an inclusive community, whilst gaining key skills and personal development opportunities that look great on their CV.

We are reopening the Student Community Leaders Elections for Sports Presidents & Society Committee members

Nominations for the Student Community Leaders Elections is NOW OPEN! You can self nominate up until 4pm on 28th May 2020.

Nominate yourself now

Positions Open for Voting

All positions are for the 2020/2021 Academic Year and include: 

Society Committee Members

Our societies play a big part in bringing students together and creating a sense of community and all our societies are run by students - Society Committee Members. Our Society Committee Members are there to plan events and activities for their members, giving them the opportunity to learn key transferable skills. All societies must have a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson however, some societies may have specialist roles suited to their society needs, these can be found in the society constitution on the individual society web page. Society Committee positions are open to all members of the society.

View the full role descriptions (PDF)

Sports Team Presidents 

Although the SU doesn’t run competitive sport anymore we still represent sports teams and their members. Our Sports Team Presidents act as a representative of their teams by bringing feedback and ideas to harvest the vital link between students, the SU and the University. Being President isn’t about sporting prowess but rather the ability to represent the voice of their team members, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be your club captain. Each sports team will have a President and the role is open to any paid member of the individual team.

Role Description: The Team President will be the principal officer and spokesperson for the club and the chairperson of club meetings. The Team President will attend the SU’s democratic meetings as a representative of the team. They will also be the main liaison between club teams, the University’s Sports Department and the SU.

The Process: 

1. Nominate - putting yourself forward for any position is simple: Go to www.bedssu.co.uk/nominate ⇒ Click submit on the position you wish to apply for ⇒ Write your manifesto (it can be anything from 1-500 words) ⇒ Hit submit and you're done! You can nominate yourself from 10am on the 14th of May to 4pm on 28th of May. 

2. Vote - Encourage other students to vote and remember you can vote for yourself just head to www.bedssu.co.uk/vote. Voting is open from 10am on the 29th of May to 4pm on the 8th of June!

3. Results - We will announce the results on the 9th of May online and email all successful winners with the next steps and training options.  

Other Student Community Leaders: 

We have lots of different student communities within the Beds SU and UoB. If being a Society committee member or a Sports President isn't for you, you may want to consider becoming a leader of one of our other student communities. Although elections for these positions aren't currently open, they will be in due course so keep your eyes peeled. 

Our other student community leaders are; 

Academic Reps 

Our Academic Reps are the link between students, the SU, and the University when it comes to matters related to education and ultimately that’s why every student (we hope!) is at university, so they can play a fundamental part in the student community. Reps represent students in their portfolio (a group of similar courses) and year of study. There are potentially three positions per year for each portfolio, including one reserved Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) position. Open positions are open to any current student at the University of Bedfordshire in their portfolio and year. Reserved BAME positions are open to any current University of Bedfordshire Student who defines as BAME.

View the full role description (PDF)

Student Voice Champions 

Our Student Voice Champions act as our 'super' reps and are the key communication channel between Reps and Faculty staff and the SU. Ultimately, they are the voice and advocate of students when it comes to discussions on Faculty-wide matters related to teaching, learning and general educational experience. The position is open to all current University of Bedfordshire students in the Faculty.

View the full role description (PDF)

Campus Liasion Officers

Working on a part-time voluntary basis, the Campus Liaison Officer's key focus is to ensure that the student experience across all our campus is represented. Each University approved Campus will have Campus Liaison Officers, and these positions are open to all current University of Bedfordshire students at that campus. 

View the full role description (PDF)