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Societies' League

Show us how your society helps the student community by working your way up the Societies’ League. Each month you will be awarded a bronze, silver or gold medal based on your society’s achievements.

As an affiliated Beds SU society, you are automatically entered into the Societies’ League. You don’t need to do anything else. We will email you if we require any further evidence.

Can your society win the league?

Societies' League Table

Top Three

# Society Bronze Silver Gold
1 ??? 0 0 0
2 ??? 0 0 0
3 ??? 0 0 0

Rest of League

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What are the criteria for each medal?

In order the receive a bronze, silver or gold medal, you will need to satisfy a number of criteria. These criteria are detailed below.

 Bronze Medal

Your society must reach ALL the criteria to complete this level. There are no optional criteria for the Bronze level.

Bronze Medal Reward: A photographer will attend a society event for free. You'll have access to all the photos taken during the shoot.

 All mandatory committee positions filled by democratic election

Chairperson & Vice-chairperson roles are filled in a Beds SU election. Equivalent positions will be accepted.

 The society has 10 members

Members must be signed up on the Beds SU website.

 The society has an up-to-date web page

The page must include a society logo, information about activities (past or future), social media links (if used) and a statement about how you encourage diversity of members. Changes to your society webpage can be submitted through the website request form.

 Send an article about the society to the SU for us to use in the Society Newsletter or SU Newsletter

This can be an article about any society activity your society has done or will be doing. If you can, please include pictures (make sure you have relevant permission to use them). Articles should be emailed to us

 A least one member of the society has been present at a Union Parliament in the present academic year

For Union Parliament dates, please visit our Events page. Make sure you sign in with a member of Beds SU staff to record your attendance.

 Hold at least one promotional stall at a Beds SU event

The SU runs a number of different events for students (e.g. International Students’ Marketplace, Freshers’ Fair, Go Green Week, Re-Freshers Fair). Come along to one to promote your society. Email us to find out how to get involved.

 Silver Medal

Your society must complete ALL the mandatory criteria PLUS ONE OF THREE optional criteria to complete this level. Your society must have completed the Bronze Level before completing the Silver Level.

Silver Medal Reward: We will design a piece of artwork for your society for free.

 All elected committee members must be trained (Mandatory)

Committee training is done on an individual society basis and takes approximately 2 hours. Email us to book your training at a time that suits you. You will be required to retrain each academic year.

 Have increased society membership by 10% on the previous year (Mandatory)

Members must be signed up on the Beds SU website. New societies must have more than 10 members.

 Hold an event where 50% +1 members were present (Mandatory)

A record of attendance should be kept using the Society Activity Attendance Form.

 Work with the SU to create a Societies Spotlight article for the Beds SU website OR other SU promotional material (Mandatory)

Please email us to arrange this.

 Have ongoing communications with ALL society members (Mandatory)

Some ideas could be creating a society newsletter, a calendar of events or a feedback email. Please email us with evidence you have done this.

 The society has issued a Society Annual Report in the last 12 months (Mandatory)

A template can be found in Committees' Hub. Reports should be sent to all members through the Beds SU dashboard. You will need to notify be.involved@beds.ac.uk when you have done this.

 Partner with another society to hold an event (Optional - Choose ONE of THREE)

Please complete ONE Trip/Event form, ensuring you state the name of the society you are working with, plus an outline of each society's involvement.

 Raise money for charity by hosting a fundraising event (Optional - Choose ONE of THREE)

Please complete a Trip/Event form and ensure you email us for guidance on fundraising laws.

 Hold an event at a Beds SU venue (Optional - Choose ONE of THREE)

Holding events in our venues are great ways to increase your on-campus presence. We can provide special deals for societies using our venues.

 Gold Medal

Your society must complete ALL the mandatory criteria PLUS ONE OF TWO optional criteria to complete this level. Your society must have completed both the Bronze Level and Silver Level before completing the Gold Level.

Gold Medal Reward: The first 5 societies to achieve Gold will receive a £100 contribution towards a society event.

 Produce a handover document for the incoming committee (Mandatory)

Please use our template and then send your document by email.

 Hold an event that engages with non-members to encourage new membership (Mandatory)

Please ensure you have filled in a Trip/Event form.

 The society has at least £50 in reserves for the following year (Mandatory)

This can be across your restricted and unrestricted accounts.

 Gain external sponsorship for the society, a society event or society equipment or merchandise (Optional - Choose ONE of TWO)

This MUST be approved with Beds SU before you sign anything. Please email us for a template and approval.

 Run an event tailored to or alongside Beds SU campaigns (Optional - Choose ONE of TWO)

Examples include Black History Month, Disability Awareness, LGBT+ History Month & Go Green Week. Please email email us to find out which campaigns we have and how to get involved.