VP Sport

 EMAIL:  liam.bloomfield@beds.ac.uk  TWEET:   @Beds_VPSport


What course did you study? Accountancy 

What is your favourite food? Pizza

Where would your dream holiday be? Dubai 

What is your favourite movie? Team America 

What is your go-to binge TV Show? I don't watch TV, so I binge watch Youtube

If you were going to be stranded on a desert island, what one thing would you like to take with you and why? A knife, to cut open and kill things 

What are you most looking forward to as an Executive Officer at Beds SU? Having responsibility    

Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time? In a full-time job, living with my girlfriend. Loving life and having Saturdays with the boys


This will not be available to all courses but the University is very keen to pilot this within courses that already have Wednesdays free. A paper has been written alongside the Feedback Charter to take to the Vice Chancellors Executive Group which the President sits on.


We are currently looking at how we can introduce training to Clubs and Societies at how to secure external sponsorship, this is to feed into our training days.


President and VP Sport have been working with student support on their Mental Health Matters awareness campaign. The University has launched their re-energise initiative which Beds SU fully supports and is promoting to students.