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Luton Office Address:

Beds SU,

Campus Centre,

University Square,




Bedford Office Address:

Beds SU,

Polhill Avenue,


MK41 9EA


Staff Directory

Exec Team


Kieran Nixon | Email 

Vice President Equality

Jamie Nelson | Email 

Vice President Opportunities

Michael B Alawaye | Email 

Vice President Education

Justin Nwajagu | Email 

Vice President Sport

Liam Bloomfield | Email 


Senior Management Team

Chief Executive 

Mark McCormack | Email

Head of Membership Services & Engagement

Amy McLaughlan | Email

Head of Finances & Resources

Ann Binks | Email 

Head of Marketing, Communications & Business Development

Lisa Roerig | Email


Be Heard

Student Voice Manager

Laura Bright | Email

Academic Representation Coordinator

George Cowan | Email


Be Supported

Welfare & Advice Caseworker (Full Time)

Stacey McPherson‎ | Email

Welfare & Advice Caseworker (Part-Time)

Misty Stokes | Email

Welfare & Advice Caseworker (Part-Time)

Mick George | Email 

Representative Support Administrator

Margreta Simon | Email 


Be Entertained

Venue Manager

Liis Tadolder-Bah | Email

Events & Marketing Coordinator

Jack Everett | Email


Be Involved

Student Opportunites Manager

Adam Dembski-Bowden | Email

Societies Development Co-ordinator



Communication and Resource 

Finance & HR Compliance Manager 

Kayleigh Clydesdale | Email

Communication Co-ordinator

Gregg Sullivan | Email

Insight and Campaigns Co-ordinator 

Emily Wildash | Email