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Starting a Society

Have a group of friends with a common interest? A gap in what's on offer? Or perhaps a group of students could benefit from peer support? Then start a new society!

The Benefits

Societies are student-led groups open to all students at the University of Bedfordshire, they are run by an elected committee which must include a Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary. All membership fees go directly into your society's account for you to do as you see fit with. Below are some of the main benefits of starting a society but there are so many more:

  • Access to funding - the SU provides grants of up to £200 plus your membership fees go straight to your society
  • Meet people who are likeminded and have similar interests to you
  • Gain transferable skills and employability skills- being part of a society gives you numerous opportunities to gain skills plus the SU provides extra employability sessions for committee members
  • You are able to hold events or go on trips with the support of Beds SU staff- this could be fundraising events, attending conferences 

The Process

To start a new society you must complete a New Group Application Form this will then be taken to the Executive Committee who will vote on whether to affiliate your society. Before submitting your application you may want to read the Societies' Code of Practice (as these are the rules you are signing up to).

If your society is affiliated you will be asked to complete a constitution for your society, using the template below, and a Website Info Request form to update your mini-site on the Beds SU website. 

Society Constitution Template (the rules for your society) & Website Info Request (this can include your committee members, a description of your society and a logo) 

If you have any questions please contact