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Vice President Education

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The Vice President Education is here to lobby for a great academic experience for all students at the University of Bedfordshire.

In this role, you will work closely with our Be Heard team and Beds SU Academic Representatives, taking the lead in ensuring students views on education and teaching are represented at the highest level.  

Job Description 

  1. The Vice President Education shall:
    1. Lead the development of Beds SU educational policy and initiatives, working closely with the appropriate Union staff team to ensure implementation;
    2. Provide a student perspective at the University Board of Governors;
    3. Take the lead on Beds SU input into all educational, academic and teaching and learning matters within the University, the University’s approved Study Centres, and partner colleges;
    4. Act as a champion for the recruitment, development and support of Beds SU Academic Representatives;
    5. Liaise with Beds SU Academic Representatives and provide the primary link between such representatives and the University;
    6. Develop and support projects that provide opportunities for students to enhance their academic studies and graduate employability.