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Vice President Equality

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The role of Vice President Equality is to provide direction for equality campaigns, ensuring they are relevant and focused on the University of Bedfordshire student body. Working closely with our Be Supported team the Vice President Equality will lead on the development of our equality and diversity policy and initiatives, as well as support strong links with community partners, ensuring students are represented in their local area. 

Job Description 

The Vice President Equality Shall:

  1. Work closely with the Union’s advice function to identify trends in equality and diversity issues affecting students;
  2. Ensure that all Beds SU democratic processes are understandable, accessible and appropriate to the diverse student body.
  3. Develop positive community relations and promote students within those communities, maintain strong links with community partners and take the lead role on representing students on community forums and other community groups;
  4. Act as a champion for the recruitment, development and support of the Union’s Representational Associations;
  5. Lead the development of Beds SU equality and diversity policy and initiatives, working closely with the appropriate Union staff team to ensure implementation;
  6. Work with the Union’s Representational Associations to campaign for the removal of barriers to equality throughout the student experience.