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Vice President Union Development

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The Vice President Union Development will focus on student employment and enhancing opportunities provided by Beds SU. They will ensure what is provided is engaging and helps students get the most out of their time at the University of Bedfordshire.

This role heads up our direction for sports, societies, RAG, volunteering, and other activities relevant to enhancing student employability.

Job description

  1. Acting as a champion for the creation, development and support of employability enhancing opportunities within the Union (for example, societies, volunteering and non-academic professional development opportunities);

  2. Ensuring that all Beds SU democratic processes are understandable, accessible and appropriate for student led groups;

  3. Leading on Beds SU’s development and support of student led fundraising activities for external charities; 

  4. Developing and supporting projects that provide opportunities for students to enhance their graduate employability;

  5. Liaising with elected representatives through Beds SU Societies and Sports Councils, and providing the primary link between such representatives, the Union, the University and external stakeholders;

  6. Leading the development of Beds SU’s recognition of extra-curricular activity, working closely with the appropriate Union staff team to ensure implementation. 

  7. Champion and support the promotion of participation in sports and partnership sporting events such as Varsity, working with the University to develop sporting opportunities across all campuses and experience levels;

  8. Work closely with the Union’s advice function to identify trends in equality, diversity and inclusion issues affecting students in their extra-curricular activities.