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Submit Feedback Online

Don't want/need human contact? Don't worry you can always submit feedback online, and someone will get back to you. 

Student Voice Module

Do you have an idea about your wider student experience or want to start a petition, then the student voice module is the right place for you. Submit your idea or petition online and a member of our staff team will be in contact about taking your idea to Union Parliament or getting a response for you with the help of our Exec Team.  

Click here to submit online now

Digital Rep 

Digital rep is your way of getting in contact with your academic representatives. You can submit ideas, concerns, or praise about your course on digital rep. These will go to your student reps as well as other students on your course. One of your reps will get back to you (and if not an SU staff member will).

Click here to contact your rep now

Ask a question at Union Parliament

Union Parliament is the democratic, agenda-setting body of the SU- it may sound fancy or complicated but essentially it's where student representatives tell us what matters mean the most to Beds SU members’, and therefore to Beds SU. Your representatives also give reports on the progress they are making and any student can ask questions about what they have been up to. Our Union Parliament is now completely online. 

Click here to find out more about Union Parliament and the date of the next Union Parliament

Submit your question to Union Parliament