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Information for Staff on Representation

Student voice is at the heart of what Beds SU does but it doesn't work without the much needed support of UoB colleagues. In partnership with the University, Beds SU has been busy curating a range of resources to help students understand more about their student voice, how to use it, and what Beds SU can do for them.

Student Elections 2021 - Voting is open!

Beds SU is currently holding it's Student Elections, where students have the opportunity to elect the team of executive officers that will represent them at the university in the coming academic year. We would be very grateful for your support in making students aware of these elections and how to vote. Below you will find related resources. If you would like something more specific, please get in touch elections@beds.ac.uk 

Powerpoint Slides



Communication Copy

Please feel free to use the copy below to make announcements on BREO or any other prefered student communication channels.

---Your Student Elections are now open! 

Voting in the Beds SU student elections are now open, and we encourage you to take 5 minutes to cast your vote to elect the right students to represent you at the University.

Each year Beds SU holds elections where students decide who will lead the Union and form its new Executive Officer team. This year you have the opportunity to vote for two Co-Presidents and two Co-Vice Presidents, Campus Engagement and Equality (one of each who identifies as a man or non-binary and one of each who identifies as woman).

You can find out more about the candidates for each of the above positions and cast your vote at www.bedssu.co.uk/studentelections 

You could win £500!

As a thank you for using your student voice, Beds SU will be entering everyone that votes into cash prize draw, where one lucky student will win £500 and a further seven will be selected to win one of seven £100 cash prizes from across campuses and study centres.  *Terms and Conditions apply

Vote today at: www.bedssu.co.uk/studentelections 

Voting is open until 4pm, 24 March.  

How to Vote Video


Student Inductions

We actively encourage colleagues to incorporate these materials into inductions or preparations for Course Rep elections, and hope that you will find these useful. If there's a resource that you think is missing or an alternative format that you would like to see it in, please let us know by emailing be.heard@beds.ac.uk and we will do all we can to make that a reality.

Beds SU Induction Video 2020

Info for staff

Promotional Materials

General Promotion for Representation/Student Voice: 

Beds SU promotional video (Video with music, 0:48)

Introduction to Beds SU with President, Michael Alawaye (Video with spoken audio, optional subtitles, 15:44)
N.B. incorporates Beds SU promotional video as above

Student Voice by Your Students' Union
A series of video tutorials on how to make the student voice heard during your time at the University of Bedfordshire. Each playlist is split into bite-size chunks - follow the link to view these in the YouTube playlist.

How to provide feedback on your student experience (Video with audio, optional subtitles 14:05) - split into 4 parts, each less than 5 minutes

How to provide feedback on your learning experience (Video with audio, optional subtitles 15:19) - split into 5 parts, each less than 5 minutes

How to escalate your unresolved issues (Video with audio, optional subtitles 17:49) - split into 6 parts, each less than 5 minutes

Promotional Material for Rep Elections (teaching weeks 1-3): 

2020/21 Timeline for Course Leaders carrying out Rep Elections

This is your one-stop document for running the election for Course Rep over the Teaching Weeks 1-3, with a table that takes you through each week, with links to relevant resources and text that you can edit, copy and paste onto BREO and into email circulation to make sure that all Course Reps are elected by Friday 16th October. 

Resources included in the document: template Microsoft Form for collecting nominations, template Microsoft Form for collecting votes, template email/BREO text for promotion and reminders, template Powerpoint slides, Course Rep Role Description. 

UPDATE: if you are having problems duplicating/using Microsoft Forms, please see this video walkthrough of the Nomination/Voting forms.

Course Rep Elections: FAQs & One Page Guide 

This document includes answers to three frequently asked questions on the Course Rep election process: how to use Microsoft Forms, including a link to a video that shows you the necessary steps, how to adjust the dates of the election if you've had low attendance from students in your first classes, and why we are standardising the process of Course Rep elections through Microsoft Forms. 

Academic Rep Video: "What's it like being a Beds SU Academic Rep?"

Video that can be embedded into slides or otherwise shared with students on your Courses to demystify the role of Course Rep. NB: ‘Academic Rep’ is an umbrella term that refers to Course Reps, Senior Course Reps and School Reps. 

Course Rep Role Description

2-page outline of the Course Rep role that reads like a job description and contains all the information a student may have about the position. Points to note include that there is no prior experience necessary and that the SU will provide online training for all Course Reps. 

Elections Promotion Slides: 1 Slide | 3 Slides | 5 Slides

Template slides to insert into induction material or first classes, either at the beginning or end of a class, to promote the election. Length varies from 1 Slide ot 5 Slides depending on what best suits your course and delivery, the core information remains the same. 

Voting Promotion Slides: 1 Slide 

Slide to insert into any presentation for class to announce voting is open with a space to insert a link to the Microsoft Form where votes are collected. 

Email & BREO Templates 

SVF Email 

Notify the SU of your Rep

Please use the form below to notify us of your course reps.

Dates for the Diary


Election Date
Course Rep in Class Elections  
Deadline for Notifying SU of Course Reps (if they wish to be a Portfolio Rep   
Portfolio Rep Nominations   
Portfolio Rep Voting   

Elections will then be held monthly after this for any portfolio positions that aren't filled. 

Student Staff Liasion Forums:


Department/School Term 1 Term 2 Terms 3


Art & Design       
Computer Science & Technology      
Culture And Communications      
Media & Performance      
Life Science      


Strategy & Management      
Law & Finance      
International Business, Marketing & Tourism       


Applied Social Studies       
Healthcare Practice      


Sport Science & Physical Activity       
Education & English Language       
Teacher Education       

Training Sessions 

Where?  Dates & Time

Course Reps 

Online  Ongoing 

Portfolio Reps 

Live Zoom  
Online  Ongoing during Term 2  

Student Voice Champions

Live Zoom   


Contact Us

If you want more information on the rep system please get in contact: 

Nikowa Namate | Representation Development Coordinator | nikowa.namate@beds.ac.uk 

Student Voice Team | be.heard@beds.ac.uk 

Alessandro Manea | VP Education | alessandro.Manae@beds.ac.uk