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The support you need is just a vote away. 

I plan to make great improvements which will assist all students to access the help they need to further peruse your desired career. A lot of us struggle with different things however I believe education should not be one of them.

We are here to progress ourselves to the next stage in our lives. With the most efficient guidance, you can become exactly what you aspire to be. 


I beat cancer and I am here now to help us all to win. Life is so precious and we deserve a good leader. 

My motivation is watching you all succeed and i know that you will all reach your potential. The resources you require will be easier to view with my help. 


I work for you, i represent you and to me, that is a priority responsibility. My efforts will help you boost your efforts along with skills required for you to be the best you. 


I will make this university more efficient and with the support of you all, anything could be possible. 


Voices are there to be heard!


I will take all feedback into consideration. I will improve the aspects of university for the students to all have the best experience. 


University is more than a place to study, it is a place to find yourself. A place to support you in and out of university is what I intend to make this campus. 

A strong leader with the ambition to prosper is a leader who will always work their hardest to reach their full potential.


I will make my attention easy to get hold of for all those with ideas on improvements.


Your vote will ensure the highest chance of success for you.


I believe we all are destined for the best and I will make that happen.

I will be innovative to make dreams more possible. I will support you and I hope that you can allow me to do so. 

You deserve no less than the best so welcome to the beginning of greatness!

Thank you kindly

Sadruz Zaman