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School Reps

School Reps volunteer their time to champion the student educational experience in their School/Department, acting as the communication channel between the students, the Students’ Union, and University of Bedfordshire staff. They will support and promote School-specific Student Voice Forums and other initiatives, advocating escalated student views (those that could not be resolved elsewhere) at meetings. They meet with senior University staff within their faculty to ensure the student voice is heard. 

Find out who your school rep is and how to contact them: 

University of Bedfordshire Business School | Health and Social Sciences | Education & Sport | Creative Arts and Technology


Department of Strategy and Management 

  • Iris-Denisse Darvish | iris-denisse.darvish@study.beds.ac.uk | Find out more about me
  • Radhika Radhika | radhika.radhika@study.beds.ac.uk 

Department of Law & Finance 

  • Reysi Munoz Paula | reysi.munozpaula@study.beds.ac.uk | Find out more about me
  • Ayesha Hussain | ayesha1101@outlook.com

Department of International Business, Marketing & Tourism

  • Namitha Matto | namitha.matto@study.beds.ac.uk 
  • Salman Khan Mohammed | salmankhan.mohammed@study.beds.ac.uk 


School of Applied Social Sciences

  • Sadruz Zaman | sadruz.zaman@study.beds.ac.uk 
  • Ebou Touray Demba | ebou.touraydemba@study.beds.ac.uk | Find out more about me

School of Nursing and Health Education 

  • Roxana Stoian | roxana.stoian@study.beds.ac.uk | Find out more about me
  • Ayisha Arshad | ayisha.arshad@study.beds.ac.uk

School of Society, Community & Health 

  • Thomas Walker-Mogdridge | thomas.walker-mogdridge@study.beds.ac.uk
  • Vacant 


School of Sport Science & Physical Activity 

  • 2 vacant positions 

School of Education & English Language

  • 2 vacant positions 

School of Teacher Education 

  • Lee Skillern | lee.skillern@study.beds.ac.uk
  • Vacant


School of Art & Design 

  • Petronela Citea | Petronela.citea@study.beds.ac.uk 

School of Computer Science & Technology 

  • Yogesh Raghvendr Srinivas Dasari | yogesh.raghvendrasrinivasdasar@study.beds.ac.uk 

School of Culture & Communications 

  • Viktorija Jasinskaite | viktorija.jasinskaite@study.beds.ac.uk

School of Media & Performance 

  • Dorcas Sunday | dorcas.sunday@study.beds.ac.uk

School of Life Sciences 

  • Donna Morfett | donna.morfett@study.beds.ac.uk 

School of Psychology 

  • Rozanna Piddington | rozanna.piddington@study.beds.ac.uk