Here you can find out where the best place to post your feedback is!



There are two options, you can post to the Ideas & Petitions module which is the place to debate and vote on ideas with your peers from all around the University, or you can post to the BRAND NEW Digital Rep module! Digital Rep is our new baby that allows every student to be represented no matter where they study, no matter how often they are on campus and no matter what course they're on.

The Digital Rep module means that any student, on any course, can post feedback about their academic experience and interests which is shared with everyone on their programme, through the power of the module you will only see feedback that is related to you by course.

Click the purple button on the left to be directed to Ideas & Petitions and click the green button on the right to be linked through to the Digital Rep module.


Please Note: You will need to be logged into your account to access the Digital Rep Module!




"We are always trying to find better ways for you to give us your feedback, especially around your academic interests. We are excited to launch this Digital Rep because it allows all students to be represented more effectively"