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by SASHA BONNER 18 November 2019, 14:15

Category: University Petition

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The University has changed the way our final degree classifications are calculated. Due to requests made by the Office for Students, the University was forced to change their grading system, but instead of consulting the student body they have already decided on and implemented a new system. Out of a 3 year course, the only grades that will be taken into account will be from 3rd year.


The impact this would have on students could be astronomical. Our degree grades would not be representative of ourachievements as a whole, particularly worrying if - for example, on a performance related course – your final year is predominantly written work, with much of the performance having taken place in first and second years. It would also add a whole new level of pressure to an already stressful final year. We deserve to be proud of our achievements and have them counted, no matter what year they fall in.


We are asking students to come together to show we will be heard in the decisions that affect our education. We want both our second and third years to count towards our degree, although we understand they may not be valued in equal measure. We understand that changes had to be made, but are calling for more thought to be taken in creating a fairer system that reflects and allows us to show the world everything we have learnt during our experience. 


We are the biggest investment this university has, help save our degree!


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    ELLIOTT GRIFFITHS   wrote, 25-11-2019 - 12:10

    Let’s go!

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    CHLOE NORMAN   wrote, 25-11-2019 - 13:52

    For second year students, it’s likely too late to implement a change that would make the second year count. However, students still need something to ease the pressure that third year is going to bring with the new system. Students should be allowed at least one free referral (with no grade cap) on an assignment that they aren’t happy with. As well as that, courses should ensure that students have practiced similar styles of assignment to those given in third year so that we know what to do. Feedback from second year assignments could be incredibly valuable in third year.

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    SERENELLA PREEN   wrote, 25-11-2019 - 15:32

    The lack of communication on this change is what's really bothered myself and many of my peers - it just feels as though the university doesn't even care enough to keep us in the loop, despite us paying literally thousands of pounds each year for our education. An email giving us a heads-up would have been the bare minimum.

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    JASON AGER   wrote, 25-11-2019 - 17:28

    I am deeply saddened by the change implemented. I am considering to leave university if this does not change or made a fairer grading system is a must to have a fairer degree . The lack of communication on this matter is beyond a joke. I am wanting to go to drama school and don't think this will be atcheveable on the new system provided.

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    OLANIRAN OYEBADE   wrote, 27-11-2019 - 00:11

    Click on the add comments to sign petition

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    FERDHUSI JHAHAN   wrote, 13-02-2020 - 21:18

    Surely, this is changing the grading system again to make it harder for all students-this doesn't seem the fairest way and seems lik year 1 and year 2 are wasted, and worthless-that is pathetic to say that year 1 and 2 work are of no value, this is not consistent and will never demonstrate intelligence from any level(4 and 5), it's putting pressure on young adults whose lives are caught up in a system, that they never had a say in and had a right to. I thought education was to make it equal not harder.

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