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Keep Wednesdays Free

by Liam Bloomfield 20 November 2018, 12:05

Category: Beds SU

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  • UoB currently endeavours to avoid timetabling on a Wednesday afternoon, primarily to allow students to partake in BUCS (British Universities and College Sports) fixtures, representing UoB in various sports, across the country.
  • Other students benefit from using this time to undertake paid employment, further their studies, or improve their employability through other extracurricular activities such as volunteering to lead a society.
  • Whilst some courses do not timetable lectures during this time, they do still have timetabled laboratory or seminar time (for example) which is required in order to undertake assignments, making it mandatory. 
  • Employability enhancing opportunities are often scheduled at the same time as timetabled academic activities.



  • Keeping Wednesday’s completely clear of academic commitments for all students* will broaden access to competitive Sports. 
  • Keeping Wednesday’s completely clear of academic commitments for all students* will broaden access to additionally part-take in: employability/additional skills workshops, allowing for “more than just a degree” development; joining/starting up student-led societies on a range of subjects/interests; paid work, to earn money to help fund living at university; to participate in volunteer work which is required for their course, for example Sports Therapy students requiring pitch-side experience. 
  • Students looking to improve their employability often struggle to fit in extra-curricular activities around their studies and other commitments.
  • It is also hoped that this will create: a possible day for research/revision and use of the library for both lecturers and students; a break mid-week will alleviate some stress and aid students’ mental health which is a massive topic at the moment, which in turn should helps retention amongst students; dedicated time outside of classes for lecturers for a day for feedback thus improving the student experience.  



  • Beds SU will lobby the University to implement this change to the timetabling schedule, keeping Wednesday free from timetabled academic activity*. 
  • Beds SU will gather feedback on the impact of Keeping Wednesdays Free and use this data to reinforce the need for further implementation*.


*Beds SU understands and acknowledges that some courses – especially those with placement elements or PSRB requirements – will be unable to guarantee that Wednesdays will be clear of timetabled activity.