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Signage in Disabled Toilets + Gender Neutral Bathrooms

by Jamie Nelson 08 November 2018, 15:29

Category: University Facilities

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Gender neutral toilets


Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback so far. As a result of this, I have amended my proposal and will be presenting the following proposed policy to Beds SU policy debate (Change It!) on Tuesday 20th Novemeber.



  • There are clear indications that the proportion of students on campus that do not identify themselves as a traditional binary (m/f) gender is growing.
  • There are currently no bathrooms that are suitable for these students, except the accessible toilets that are allocated to students with access needs.


  • There is now a student body who are being marginalised for simply existing outside of gender norms.
  • Expecting a gender non-conforming student to use an accessible toilet is inappropriate as it both implies a link between gender neutrality and disability and also disadvantages students with access needs as there are then two groups attempting to access the same space.


  • Beds SU will lobby the University to implement gender neutral toilets in all main campus buildings.
  • Beds SU will lobby the University to ensure all new builds have gender neutral toilets in them.
  • Beds SU will continue to provide and promote the opportunity for gender non-conforming students to have their voices heard through Representational Associations.





The university has labelled all disabled toilets on campus with a unisex logo above the sign labelling it as a accessible toilet. This to me implies that either people who identify as a non traditional binary gender (male/female) have a disability or that this bathroom is only for individuals who identify as either male or female. Also by using the signage of unisex (both males and females) on the door it also ignores all genders that are non binary such as Trans, intersex, gender queer, gender fluid and Agender. As a university that supports everyone I find it hard to see how this move is appropriate.

I propose that this signage is scrapped and that the university engage with the Vice President Equality to discuss the bid for separate gender neutral bathrooms so as not to make the same mistake again. I also think that the university should have a policy to discuss with students before making drastic changes to the university enviroment for which the students pay to be a part of.


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    ROZANNA PIDDINGTON   wrote, 08-11-2018 - 16:03

    I agree fully that the signage needs to be revised, a discussion that all students should be part of. Particularly, with the new STEM building, what are the proposals for the toilets in this new building. The University is for all students and should continue to support all students in all areas, particularly in decision making which could exclude so many people. Not particularly showing great equality for all.

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    Deleted User   wrote, 09-11-2018 - 06:07

    The toilets are always a state as it is, blood and poop on walls, Encouraging cross use will only make this worse. Disabled Toilets are singular for a reason - for the comfort of the individual. Gender is not a disability.

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    JAIDAH THOMAS   wrote, 09-11-2018 - 06:22

    I am actually very offended by this Ill attempt, I don’t see why there cannot just be a sign that says bathroom or toilet.

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