At Beds SU we have a society for everyone, whatever your interests, and with the number of societies growing each year there is now more choice than ever. Whether it be making new friends or learning new skills there are endless benefits to joining a society.

Societies are created and run by student committees who society members elect on an annual basis. Your membership fees go directly into the Society's account to help develop the Society in whatever way the members think is best: equipment, events, guest speakers, trips - you decide! 

Join Online or by visiting your nearest Beds SU office!
You can now use your MyBeds Money/Aspire cards or Cash to pay your membership fee. 

We’ve been busy over the past couple of months creating a brand-new clothing store for Beds SU Societies and Academic Representatives! This is a brand-new location for you to purchase customisable clothing relating to your role within the student’s union.

As a student volunteer, your importance within the institution can often get overlooked. By creating the option to purchase customisable clothing, we are striving to ensure that you remain visible for the work you do.

Click the image to have a look